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Kinco and Kingdee Jointly Release Smart Factory Solution in Hannover


HANNOVER, Germany, April 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Kinco Automation and Kingdee Group jointly released smart factory solution at Hannover Messe 2016. This is a blockbuster debut of the innovations of "Made in China 2025" at the world's top industrial exhibition stage, the program proposed the idea that "a cutting edge smart factory can also be built in a downtown area," which sparked heated debate in the exhibition.
下载失败 下载失败 The core values of the smart factory solution are shown as follows:
Super Transparent Management Model: Customer communication can be achieved through e-commerce platform, with the application of big data and online design PLM, the factory can better understand and serve customers.
Super Flexible Production Mode: People, equipment and systems are connected in the whole process, different cell combinations are satisfied according to the needs of different orders, with the automatic supply of materials, the whole system has super flexible operating capacity.
Super-intelligent Operation Mode: With the wide application automation of and robots, it can meet the diversified needs of customers, and provide correct quantity of materials at correct time and correct place.
Different from the smart factory solutions released by foreign manufacturers, the smart factory solution proposed by Kinco and Kingdee is a response to China's "supply-side reform," it studies the practical problems of domestic manufacturers, and aims at solving the problems of Chinese SMEs, such as high manufacturing costs, structural surplus, low automation and low digital levels. Compared with other solutions for equipment automation and equipment connectivity, it is a targeted design with wider application scope.
下载失败 下载失败 下载失败 下载失败 The Chairman of Kinco Automation Tang Dong said, "Helping enterprises to build cutting edge smart factory in the downtown area is the common goal of Kingdee and Kinco, the proposed solution will significantly optimize production cycle, inventory turnover and human resource utilization, and provide small and medium-sized manufacturers with "real money" and value.
The founder of Kingdee Mr. Xu Shaochun said that the cooperation with Kinco's founder Tang Dong began with rowing. They often rowed together and discussed the mission of entrepreneurs: Why do Chinese people go overseas to buy a toilet lid and rice cooker? How to quickly upgrade "Made in China"? The smart factory solution proposed by the two companies will help small and medium-sized manufacturers to become "super transparent, super flexible and super smart," and the program will be launched at cost-effective price to help the Chinese manufacturing industry to create super value.


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