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Kinco-K2 CPU released Notes


Dear Customers:
Thank you very much for your support. Kinco has developed a new series PLC--K2 series, and the first CPU module K205-16DT is going to launch. Welcome to contact our sales for more details.
下载失败 (1) Product description
Kinco-K2 series PLC is small and economic PLC.
Based on high performance, high reliability and powerful functions, we optimize the hardware design to reduce the cost. Meanwhile we provide more features to meet user’s requirement,such as USB programming, transistor DIO and so on.

2、K205-16DT Technical Specifications
下载失败 3. Main Features
Transistor type of DIO(DI、DO multiplexing)
Based on our special technology of DIO, K2 CPU provides some DIO which can be used as digital input or digital output. It doesn’t need to configure in software. It will adapt automatically according to the wirings.

USB programming
K2 provides MicroUSB port for programming. It supports USB2.0.
Meanwhile, the MicroUSB port can be also used as power supply for K2 CPU.
Therefore,users don’t need to give external power supply to K2 CPU,and only use USB cable to run the PLC.

High speed counter
K2 provides 4 high speed counters. Every high speed counter can support maximum 32 PV and support 32 “CV=PV” interrupts.
High speed counter supports multiple modes: single phase, CW/CCW,AB phase (1 multiplication and 4 multiplication).HSC0 and HSC1 can support up to 50KHz.HSC2 and HSC3 can support up to 20KHz for single phase and 10 KHz for AB phase.
Users can configure in 【HSC Wizard】in PLC software.

High speed output
K2 provides 3 high speed pulse outputs(Q0.0,Q0.1 and Q0.4).It supports PTO and PWM.
Q0.0 and Q0.1 support up to 50KHz (The resistor of load should be less than 1.5KΩ),Q0.4 supports up to 10KHz.

Serial port communication
K2 CPU provides 2 communication ports,PORT1 and PORT2.It supports baudrate up to 115.2kbps.
PORT1 supports t Modbus RTU protocol (as a slave) 、free-protocol communication mode,
also can work as programming port.
PORT2 supports Modbus RTU protocol (as a slave or master) and free-protocol communication mode.

(2) Launch time
K205-16DT CPU module will launch on September 18th,2015.
Shanghai Kinco Automation Co.,Ltd.

18th Sep. 2015


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