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Kinco-RP2A-0402C1 CAN Bus Remote I/O Module

  • CANopen bus communication ability
  • Flexible multiple nodes networking
  • Support various communication speed
  • Perfect hardware protection measures
  • Perfect CANopen software function
  • Perfect PDO communication mode


1. CANopen bus communication ability
RP2 I/O module is base on CAN bus communication. The application layer adopt CANopen protocol defined by CIA, and complies with DS301(communication subordinate protocol) and DS401(I/O module communication subordinate protocol). These modules can communicate with most controllers, inverters, servo and so on. It is very suitable for applications of various production lines, mechanical devices, building automation and so on.

2. Flexible multiple nodes networking
RP2 I/O module has 7 IP DIP switches, up to 127 RP2 modules can be configurated in CAN network. It is very suitable for wide range of distributed data acquisition system.

3. Support various communication speed
Satisfy various application situations, support the following baudrate:

4. Perfect hardware protection measures
-Short-circuit protection for power supply: the module use resettable fuse, it can reset itself after the module got a short-circuit.
-Short-circuit protection for output, digital output module use resettable fuse, it can break when the output gets a short-circuit, and when the short-circuit recovers, it can reset itself, so that protect output circuit from burning out.

5. Perfect CANopen software function
-Support the NMT message;
-Support the Node protection message/Heart beat message;
-Support master station configurates the boot-up of RP2 module;
-Send message when power up/down.

6. Perfect PDO communication mode
-Support asynchronous communication mode;
-Support sychronous message communication mode, real time of data exchanging is very high;
-Support remote communication request.

Software Technical Data

Communication ProtocolCANopen 2.0A, comply to DS301 and DS401 protocols
Synchro MessageSupport
NMT MessageSupport
PDO CommunicationAsynchronous, synchronous and remote requests
Baud Rate(bps)20K(800m)/ 50K(600m)/ 125K(500m)/ 250K(250m)/ 500K(100m)/ 800K(50m)/ 1M(25m)
Station Number1-127

Hardware Technical Data

Power Supply≥300mA, 20V~28V
CAN Power SupplyProvide power by internal +5V power supply itself
Analog Input/output4AI\2AO
Analog Input Accuracy≤0.3%F.S.
Analog Input Type-10~10V, 0~20mA
Analog Output Accuracy12bit
Analog Output Type-10~10V, 0~20mA
Operating Temperature-10℃~55℃
Storage Temperature-20℃~70℃


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