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Kinco Servo FD413-AA-000

  • Support Modbus 485 communication protocol and RS232 communication protocol
  • Main Supply Voltage: 200-240VAC±10% 50/60Hz±3HZ
  • Rated current is 2A ,Peak current is 7 A
  • Support pulse + direction (PLS + DIR), forward and reverse pulse (CW / CCW) and A + B phase
  • Use the built-in operation panel or PC debugging software, easy to debug
  • With a variety of control modes and gain automatic adjustment function,meet most application requirements
  • It is FD413-CA-000 updated version

Technical Specifications

Main supply voltage200-240VAC±10% 50/60Hz±3HZ 0.5A
Control circuit voltage200-240VAC±10% 50/60Hz±3HZ (750W,5.5A),(200W,1.5A)
Rated current(RMS)2A
Peak current(PEAK)7A
Feedback signalSingle-loop 17-bit magnetic encoder
Single lap 20-bit communication encoders
Multi-turn 16-bit communication type absolute encoder
Brake chopperUse an external braking resistor according to application, mainly in occasion of quick stop
Brake chopper thresholdDC380V±5V
Over-voltage alarming thresholdDC400V±5V
Under-voltage alarming thresholdDC200V±5V
Cooling methodNatural air cooling
Digital input specification7 digital inputs, with COMI terminal for PNP (high level valid 12.5-30V) or NPN (low level valid) connection.
Digital input functionDefine freely according to requirement, supporting following functions: Driver enable,driver fault reset,driver mode control, proportional control, positive limit, negetive limit, homing signal,reverse command, internal speed section control, internal positive section control, quick stop, start homing, active command, switch electronic gear ratio, switch gain
Digital output specification5 digital outputs,OUT1~OUT4 current is 100mA, BR+/BR- (Brake control ourtput ) current is 500mA, can drive brake device directly
Digital output functionDefine freely according to requirement, supporting following functions: Driver ready, driver fault, position reached, motor at zero speed, motor brake, motor speed reached, Z signal, maximum speed obtained in torque mode, motor brake, position limiting, reference found, multi-position reached.
Analog input2 analog input, can be used to control speed and torque, the input range is -10V~10V.Output encoder signal is optional, can be used in the multiple axises synchronization, the max.
Encoder signal output functionOutput encoder signal is optional, can be used in the multiple axises synchronization, the max. output frequency is 2MHz
RS232The max. baudrate is 115.2KHz, use JD-PC software to communicate with PC, or via free protocol to communicate with controller.
Protection functionsOver-voltage protection,under-voltage protection,motor over-heat protection(IT),short-circuit protection,drive over-heat protection,etc.
CAN BUSThe max. baudrate is 1MHz, use CANopen protocol to communicate with controller.
Operating temperature0~40℃
Storage temperature-10℃~70℃
Humidity(non-condensing)Below 90%RH
Protection classIP20
Installation environmentInstalled in a dust-free,dry and lockable environment(such as in a electrical cabinet)
Installation modeVertical installation
HeightNo power limitation below 1000m
Atmospheric pressure86kpa~106kpa

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