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Corrugated slitting machine


Stepper motor with encoder: 85S-0045-05AAK-FLFN(customized)
servo driver: CD421
HMI: MT4403T
CANopen solution

Qingdao Kaituo is one of the biggest company who focused on producing corrugated paper production line, and slitting machine is one of the units of corrugated paper production line. It is used to make the packaging carton. After the corrugated paper is cutted by the positive cuttethen through by the indentation of the wheels, finally fold up and paste it to finish a packaging carton.

The old solution for corrugated slitting machine used stepper and pulse control.Kinco supply a new solution for this customer. We use stepper motor with encoder (85S-0045-05AAK-FLFN), servo driver (CD421) and HMI (MT4403T). Also with CANopen solution instead of pulse control to control servo. Because of the fast speed and high stability of CANopen communication, this solution great improve the machine as shown in following points.
Increase 30% efficient
Much more stable in high speed
Increase the accuracy:±0.5mm
Make wiring more simple

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