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Kinco Automation is one of the leading suppliers of machine automation solutions in China. We focus on the development, production and selling of industrial automation products and total solutions. We help machine builders in Turkey, India, Italy, Germany, etc. to make machines and equipment which are better and more affordable.

Kinco has a full line of automation products including Human Machine Interface (HMI), Servo System, Stepper System, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). Kinco’s products are widely used in different industries like Textile Machinery, Packaging and Printing, Pharmaceutical, Electronic Manufacturing, high-end Healthcare Equipment and Rail Transportation systems. Kinco has been one of the leading HMI brands in China for a long time.

In 2015, Kinco launched its smart factory solution. KincomanufacturesIntelligent Site Terminal, Site Data Display and IntelligentWarehouseto provide a high efficiency solution for multi-variety and small batch production.

Kinco’s corporate mission is “Providing automation solutions for global customers”. We continuously invest into the research and development of automation technology platform. The company has three R&D facilities in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Changzhou. Kinco has built up a technology platform of automation covering control, drive, communication, human-machine interaction and mechanic-electric integration. Solutions based on the platform have been chosen by some world-famous multi-national companies.

Kinco and its subsidiaries are certified high-tech enterprises. We implement an ISO-9001 certified total quality management process to control the quality of R&D, production and sales activities. Together with our distribution network throughout the world, We provide pre-sale consulting, project design and implementation and after-sale service to our customers. Kincois a customer-oriented company which looks into customers’ problems and searches for solutions.

Kinco’s philosophy is “Caring People, Pursuing Excellence”. Kinco’s most fundamental value is Customer Intimacy. Our vision is “Automation Creates Wonderful Life”.


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