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Magnetic Suspension Blower

Industry application


Magnetic suspension blower application Overview

Magnetic high-speed centrifugation suspension blower, based on 5 free proactive magnetic shaft and high-speed synchronous motor, is designed by applying full life period design method and global leading turbomachinery technology. It has half permanent life, so its advantages are power saving, low noise intelligent control, free-maintenance and etc. After professional detection and identification, compared with normal suspension blower, it can save power at least 30% and its noise is about 80 db, which is an energy saving and environmental protection product.

The highest efficiency, the largest power, the most comprehensive series in the world. It can be applied in applications of municipal sewage, textile, leather paper, pharmaceutical electronics, food & drink, brewing fermentation, chemical plating, ferrous metallurgy, cement building material, thermal power generation and etc.

Industry Challenge

The production of magnetic motor is very complex. So production capacity is the main issue in industry currently. If this can be solved, it can be applied in many areas, saving energy and protecting environment.

Our Values

1. Half permanent life. Save energy, low noise, intelligent control and maintenance-free.

2. After matching up with Kinco FOC drive, compared with normal suspension blower it can save power at least 30% and its noise is about 80db.

CaseQILU pharmaceutical waste water treatment
Industry or fieldPharmaceutical field
Case overviewKinco FOC high-power drive, EMAGING 600KW magnetic motor, ESURGING suspension blower.
Main functionImprove customer’s interactive response, solve the problem of no-compliant, high speed & high carrier frequency, low noise.
Case detailApply 5 free proactive magnetic shaft technology, FOC driving control, use electromagnetic force to achieve self suspension, no-contact on shaft, no friction, no lubrication, low noise, long life, over 1000 times signal collection and real-time correction, precisely control self-shaft position, apply self-balance technology, vibration is smaller than traditional motor. Can pump air into 9 meters waste water, which is twice than traditional suspension blower in power.

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