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FOC multi-rotor industrial drone
power system

K8/K10 Multi-rotor Power System

Integrated electric drive, motor, frame as one, convenience for industrial applications

FOC multi-rotor industrial drone power system

Kinco K series multi-rotor power system integrates the motor, ESC and motor seat, providing convenience for industrial application and installation.

Power unitSingle-axis tensionMaximum tension

Global Application
K series multi-rotor power system with integral
protection, protection class up to IPX7.

Multiple Protection
The ESC uses the Field Oriented Control (FOC)
algorithm to provide power-on protection and
effectively extend connector life.With
overvoltage, overcurrent, over temperature, stall,
short circuit, motor break equal warning and
protectionIntelligently respond to various
problems according to the operating state
of the motor to ensure flight safety.

Strong Overload Capability
Slow Temperature Rise
The rotor structure of the motor is interlocked,
and the high-speed operation of the harsh environment
is also very reliable。 The motor adopts
imported thick hollow shaft, imported bearings, high
strength and impact resistance, anti-fatigue。
At the same time, the motor adopts high temperature
resistant special enameled wire and high
temperature resistant magnet, which has strong continuous
overload capability and Slow temperature rise.

Strong Power
The 33-inch propeller adopts imported 3K carbon
fiber skin and is built with African imported balsa wood
to achieve the unbeatable rigidity and lightness
of the carbon paddle. Combined with motor-assisted
electromagnetic optimization, providing exceptional
efficiency, faster response, and longer battery life.

Every Aspect is
Treated with Rigor
More than 20 years of production experience tells us that each process can be based on customer standards and relevant quality system certification, then can stand on the market for a long time.

Professional, capable and
efficient technical team
Leading experts in FOC technology in China, with professional, capable and efficient quality management and engineering team.

Smart manufacturing
cost maximization advantage
We have high-end smart factories that use data-driven manufacturing to effectively shorten manufacturing cycles, deliver products quickly, and improve product quality.

FOC multi-rotor industrial drone power system Solution

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