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2S57Q-1376 Two-Phase Stepper Motor

  • Step angle: 1.8°
  • Series Phase current: 1.96A
  • Parallel Phase current: 3.92A
  • Number of lead wires: 8
  • Max. axial load: 15N
  • Max. radial load: 75N


Technical Specifications2S57Q-1376
Step angle1.8°
Series Phase current (A)1.96
Parallel Phase current (A)3.92
Holding torque (Nm)1.3
Damping torque (Nm)0.068
Winding resistance (Ω)1±10%
Winding inductance (mH)2.1±20%
Motor inertia (kg.cm2)0.48
Motor length L (mm)76
Shaft diameter (mm)6.35
Number of lead wires8
Insulation classB
Withstand voltage level500VAC for 1 minute
Max. axial load (N)15
Max. radial load (N)75
Operating temperature-20℃~+50℃
Surface temperature riseMax.80℃(Both phase connected with rated current)
Insulation impedanceMinimum 100MΩ, 500V DC
Weight (kg)1

Note: The startup freq. is tested under condition of 2000 steps/round, only for reference.

Dimensions (Unit:mm)


Motor cable


Torque-frequency curve

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