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2CM0870 AC Stepper Driver

  • 2CM0870 is a two-phase micro step stepper driver which adopts 18~80VAC power supply and could driver 57&86 hybird stepper motor with current less than 7.2A. The driver is popularly used in engraving machine, labeling machine, cutting machine, CNC machine and other applications require low vibration, low noise, high precision, high speed.


-Motor auto adaption function: The driver could generate optimal parameters automatically according to motor type, ensure motor run at optimal performance;
-Phase memory function;
-Automatic half-current function is selectable by DIP switches;
-Over-voltage and over-current protection functions and so on;
-Step smooth filter could smooth input pulse to reduce transient motion of motor, make sure motor run more smoothly;
-Opto-coupler isolated signal input, responding frequency up to 400KHz;
-16 subdivision levels and 8 current levels are selectable by DIP switches;
-Pulse type is selectable by DIP switches: PUL+DIR&CW/CCW.

Technical Parameters

Input voltage18-80VAC
Over-voltage protection>110VAC
Under-voltage protection<15VAC
Over heat protection>85℃(Temperature of thermistor)
Input signalPLS(CW), DIR(CCW), ENA signal
Input voltage: 5VDC, Input current: 5mA@5VDC
Valid input signal: >4VDC,
Invalid input signal: <1.5VDC
Max. input frequency of PLS,DIR signal: 400kHz, Min. pulse width: 1us
suitable motorTwo phase stepper motor of 57 and 86 flange
Control mode Pulse control: Pulse+direction (PLS+DIR),Double pulse(CW/CCW)
Indicator Combination of RUN and ERR indicates working status
ProtectionOver-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over heat protection
Cooling methodFan cooling
Operation environmentAvoid the environment with great amount of metallic powder, oil mist or erosive gases.
Operation humidity<85%, RH(Non-condensing or water drops)
Operation temperature0℃~+40℃
Storage temperature-20℃~+70℃

Mechanical Dimensions


Torque-Frequency Curve

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