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2H1160 Stepper Driver

  • Power supply Single phase: 60VAC~123VAC(50Hz)
  • Ouput phase current: 2.5~6.5A
  • Input current of control signal: 6~16mA
  • Weight(Net): 1.77kg


Power supply: 60VAC~123VAC;
Bipolar constant current drive mode is adopted, with phase current up to 6.5A. 86 &110 series bipolar hybird stepper motors are adaptable;
Dedicated control chip is adopted, full-step or half-step mode are selectable by DIP switches, suitable for application requiring high speed and high torque;
Output phase current is selectable by DIP switches to match motors of different specifications;
Automatic half-current is settable by DIP switches when motor is standstill locked, which could greatly reduce of motors;
Support offline function to cut of current output if necessary;
Opto couplers are used for the control signal circuit to reduce external interference.

Dimensions (Unit:mm)


Technical Specifications

Power supply Single phase60VAC~123VAC(50Hz)
Ouput phase current2.5~6.5A
Input current of control signal6~16mA
Cooling methodNature air cooling
Operation environmentAvoid environment with great amount of metallic powder, oil mist, or erosive gases
Environment humidity<85%, RH(Non-condensing or water drops)
Environment temperature-10℃~+45℃


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