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How to open and edit the uploaded HMI program?


The uploaded HMI program is in pkg file, it is a compiled file. User needs to decompile it first, and then he can open and edit it.
.Tools>>Decompile Manager .The default decompile password is 888888.

下载失败 After decompiling, you can use the Kinco HMIware to open and edit the HMI program.
下载失败 When decompiling, sometimes there is a “PKG file error, it may be destroyed” error. There maybe two reasons:
a. The pkg file is destroyed indeed, you cannot decompile it. You need to upload again.
b. There are some unsupported fonts in the HMI program, for example Chinese characters. If your machine are purchased from China, please send the pkg file to us, we can try to decompile it.


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