E-commerce AGV

motion control solution

Motor and drive are highly integrated

Integrated design, save cost, save space

E-commerce AGV motion control solution Overview

Kinco E-commerce AGV solution designed with tiny size, Outstanding performance, and reliable feature, ensure the AGV moving stable and accurately control.

E-commerce AGV motion control solution Constitution

This solution mainly applies the Kinco servo integrated driver, so that the interface between the whole driver part and the vehicle control system only needs to be connected with a CAN or 485 communication cable. The servo driver integration design is mainly composed of two parts:

1.Design two driving motor drivers in one and integrate them into one driving plate.

2.The motors of jacking and rotating parts are respectively integrated with the drive to become a integrated servo.

E-commerce AGV motion control solution Function

  • Smaller size

    Two-in-one design of walking shaft servo driver, compact structure, to meet the internal space requirements of E-commerce AGV.

    Jacking and rotary servo integrated the servo motor + driver + encoder as one, smaller volume, saving installation space.

  • High reliablility

    In case of overtemperature and short circuit, the internal insurance fuse is broken to avoid the danger of E-commerce AGV and logistics warehouse.

    Cancel the connection cable between the running and rotary servo motor and the driver to reduce the potential risk of poor contact and broken line.

    Only one communication cable is needed between the control mainboard and the servo driver to reduce wiring and improve control reliability.

    The overload power design of the system can improve the response speed of the car when it starts and stops. The DC24-70v low-voltage power supply can meet the power range and power supply requirements of the AGV.

  • Low cost

    Save the connecting cable between motor and driver, effectively reduce the system cost.

E-commerce AGV motion control solution Advantage

The highly integrated design improves the reliability, effectively saves the internal space of the E-commerce AGV, and leaves the space for other components, such as batteries, which effectively improve the service time or safety performance of the E-commerce AGV.

E-commerce AGV motion control solution Solution

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