AGV machine automation and IoT

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Real-time monitoring of AGV operation status

AGV machine automation and IoT control solution Overview

Kinco AGV automaiton and IoT control solution with Stable, Reliable, and Efficient feature. It could pass the AGV running parameter to the cloud via HMI, which realize monitaring the AGV running staus remotely, helping customer extend equipment service life, and lowing down operational management cost.

AGV machine automation and IoT control solution Constitution


AGV machine automation and IoT control solution Function

Using the low voltage servo system as execution part of AGV, could realize specific moving routine of robot, Providing a stable as well as reliable driver system.
Using the F2 controller could rapidly obtain relevant data from AGV sensor, execute algorithm processing such as navigation and obstacle avoidance, and finally control the servo to perform corresponding operations Through the Green series HMI, the data of the AGV's running parameters, status, servo driver parameters and other data are directly connected to the Alibaba Cloud IoT platform by the MQTT protocol, and the AGV running status is monitored in real time through the mobile phone, and the alarm prompt information is received in real time.

AGV machine automation and IoT control solution Advantage

1.Higher space utilization: the volume of the product is about 50% smaller than the size of the whole machine in the same industry, which meets the strict space requirements of AGV.

2. Rich communication interface: support standard CANopen, EtherCAT and other communication modes, easily communicate with popular controllers such as NDC and Beckhoff.

3. Improve AGV operation efficiency: the absolute overload capacity of 300% can improve the instant overload capacity of AGV car, and can set up a larger speed, so as to improve the operation efficiency of the car.

4. Meet the requirements of heavy load and high precision application: the motor power range is from 50W to 1.5kw, and the encoder supports magnetoelectric type, TDM incremental type, nikon absolute type, etc., which can help customers to develop more comprehensive types of models such as heavy load or high precision application.

5. Safety and stability: equipped with multiple functions such as simultaneously braking with alarm, output 24V brake power, intelligent energy saving, etc..

6. Cloud networking and remote monitoring: the built-in 4G module of the touch screen does not need any additional module, which can be conveniently and quickly connected to the cloud platform. Through the analysis and sorting of the historical data, you can timely find early faults of the equipment, extend the service life of the equipment, reduce the operation and maintenance management cost.



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