Power assembly of service robot

The core parts of the robot chassis movement

Help robot enterprises to quickly build service robot

Power assembly of service robot Overview

The Kinco power kit of service robot, It is a servo motion kit specially designed by Kinco for the application of service robot industry, provide power kit selection for design chassis of service robot companies, help them to build robot chassis, produce products quickly.

Power assembly of service robot Constitution

The Kinco power kit is made up with a driver and a pair of motor power modules, driver refers to Kinco SRxD driver board, it supports RS232 and Can communication, it can control two servo motors to operate separately at the same time, motor power modules made up with servo motor and reducer.

Power assembly of service robot Function


Max 2m/s

Load capacity:


low-power consumption:

small size, low heat,
no vibration, low noise

Safe and stable:

With fault alarm, smooth
acceleration and deceleration,
coordinate motion mode

Power assembly of service robot Advantage

1. Many years of servo design experience, make products stable and reliable.

2. Professional R & D team to provide you with customized services, save the time of model selection.

3. Meet the core needs of service robots, optimizes your cost


Small and lightweight AGV, carrying car, sorting car, etc.


Power assembly of service robot Solution

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