Medical Image Equipment


Medical image equipment application Overview

Medical imaging equipment, is the world's top medical equipment, the pearl of the crown, basically use MRI magnetic resonance, CT computed tomography, C-arm, RC radiotherapy equipment, X-Ray, etc. as the main line of products, its core includes medical image synthesis, electrical systems, motion control, sensor fusion technology.

Industry Challenge

This industry, basically monopolized by the SIEMENS, GE and Philip of the fortune 500 companies, and Kinco is one of the few domestic companies with the qualifications of the above three companies, because the foreign enterprises products are very expensive , Kinco is a cost-effective contribution to the industry. However, due to its superior design, there is still a high cost status in safety regulations and other medical certifications. In following-up, Kinco needs to continue to work hard to reduce the cost for this industry, allowing more people afford to these life-saving inspection equipment.

Medical image equipmentRelated Solutions

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