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Most influential brand of HMI in China

Future series HMI

Strive to build a new generation upmarket HMI for the future

We named the future series products based on cortex-a9 architecture processor, with "interactive future" as the core demand, leading the industry, focusing on audio and video support, meeting the human-computer interaction scenarios such as configuration + video monitoring, voice alarm, etc., and meeting the diversified needs of customers with high performance, high quality and easy to operate. It supports Ethernet video input, audio output, SD card, and the platform interface of Ali IoT is integrated in the software.



brand new architecture design, with stirct technology ,create high quality man-machine model

All Green series products use the most advantageous arm cortex-a7 architecture industrial processor, which not only ensures the product's long life cycle, but also greatly improves product performance, providing the best guarantee for green and efficient operation. Kinco's leading intelligent factory provides reliable guarantee for long-term production quality, and GREEN series comprehensively helps to improve the quality of China's high-end manufacturing equipment.

GREEN Series


Software is upgraded iteratively to support the latest MASS platform hardware

The MASS series adopts industrial grade multi-core CPU and 256MB NAND Flash Memory+128MB DDR3 Memory according to market demand, with large capacity, high definition, full view, wide color gamut, and a new generation of free software: Kinco Dtools V4.0 configuration software

MASS Series

Other Seires

We provide high-quality HMI for severe environment

Can be used in bad temperature, shock and vibration environments, with aluminum or stainless steel panel frames and resistive touch screens.

-The shell is made of high temperature, high strength and UV resistant materials.

-Excellent internal structure design and silica gel pad application make the screen excellent in shock absorption and shock resistance.

-Equipped with military encoder switch, longer life and more stable performance.

Industry-specific series

HMI Discontinued Models

Fully upgraded, the following series will be discontinued:

The MT4000 and MT5000 series will be upgraded to the GREEN series;

The SZ7 series will be upgraded to the SZ7G series;

Details of the discontinued models and their corresponding upgrade models can be found in the list.

Discontinued model HMI

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