High cost performance of small & medium PLC

K6 Series PLC

Rich functions and improved performance to meet diverse needs

- Standard 10/100M Ethernet port, support TCP/UDP and other rich network protocols, up to 16 clients;

- Support BD board, expand CAN bus or serial port, etc., more convenient and economical;

- Standard multi-channel high-speed pulse input and output, can connect 14 expansion modules;

- Using a new MCU platform, it has faster processing speed and supports rich software functions such as arrays and stacks.

K6 Series

MK integrated M-IoT  HMI and PLC series

Combining the superior technology of Kinco HMI and PLC and the  Internet of Things (M-IoT)

- Industrial-grade design, high-performance CPU, application of the new DTools software technology platform for programming the HMI;

- Provides remote download, pass through PLC communication over the network, VNC remote monitoring, equipment management and other advanced remote operation and maintenance functions;

- Standard Ethernet interface, support for USB storage expansion, to facilitate users to connect more peripherals;

- Support a wide range of expansion modules to meet the needs of a variety of applications of users.

MK Series

KW series PLC

Easily complete wireless networking

- At the highest speed in the open space , the distance can reach 2KM.

- Convenient Kinco PLC interconnection network, one key to configured application.

- 12 IO,CAN/Serial port,modules can be extended.

- Compact design, various installation methods, standard with chuck antenna.

- Industrial grade design, high reliability, long-term stable operation.

KW Series

KS series PLC

Sheet-type design saves installation space

- Scan speed up to 1000 bit instructions 0.25ms.

- 4 channels of 200K high-speed pulse input, 3 channels of 200K high-speed pulse output.

- CPU ontology has up to 2 CAN interfaces.

- It can be extended up to 14 modules.

KS Series

K6S Series PLC

Small and compact design with high-performance

- Equipped with a brand new MCU, faster execution speed, more program and data storage space;

1 * Ethernet, 2 * RS485, 1 * CAN (both CAN and RS485 interfaces come with isolation), with multiple communication protocol options;

- 4-channel high-speed pulse input/output;
- Modular plug-in design, saves more than 50% installation space, connect up to 16 expansion modules.

K6S Series


Integrated PLC, controller, expansion module

- F1 series bus control PLC, internal integration CoDeSys.

- K5 series cost-effective small integrated PLC, up to 200KHz high-speed pulse output.

- K2 series economical small integrated PLC; 4*counting, 3*output, 2*RS485.

- HP series Integral controller, 4.3-inch touchable display terminal, USB2.0 programming interface.


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