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Factory logistics industry application Overview

In curve production line, an industrial chain can be divided into R&D, production, warehous sorting, sales, after-sales and other links. Among them, production and warehouse sorting work has always been the traditional factory's two major topics.

In the past, production and warehousing sorting were labor-intensive areas, and information, data, intelligence and flexibility were unsatisfactory.

Industry Challenges

At present, as consumers in the market pursue personalized and customized products and require enterprises to carry out more flexible production methods,while the traditional production line has been seriously difficult to adapt to the rapidly developingmarket needs.

Under the trend of industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing, Enterprises have carried out digitalization and intelligent upgrading to create more flexible production lines, which requires a more efficient internal logistics system to meet the various production needs.

Our Values

AGV robot, as one of the most flexible links in the smart factory,carrying material is the main task of the AGV in the manufacturing industry. The moving route can be adjusted automatically and timely according to the change of production process, making the manufacturing on the production line more convenient and fast. Efficient and flexible material handling greatly strengthens the flexibility and efficiency maximization of the whole production process.

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