Machine IoT solution

Machine IoT solution

Digital preventive service for driver, motor, VFD, PLC and HMI

Machine Internet of Things Solution Overview

Kinco Machine Internet of Things Solution

Focus on the digitalize preventing service ofmotor and drive, VDF, PLC, HMI.


• According to visible and transparent data to monitor the work status of motor drive, motor, PLC, VDF and HMI.Real-time view of motor status data and its trends.

• According to monitor the status and real time notification, the intelligence judges the health status of each component and find out the faults. Through SMS, Immediately notify the maintenance person to take further actions.

• According expert analysis and service report, able to identify the source of faults and providemaintenance suggestion.

• According to Cloud platform and web apps (SaaS), able to know the status of equipment in any time and any locations.

• According to above services, able to reduce the machine stopping time, increase the efficiency of maintenance, increase equipment usability and reduce chances of machine faults.

Machine Internet of Things Solution Framework

  • Component Data

    Real time status data monitoring

    Historical trends data look up

    Frequency domain waveform map look up

  • Expert Equipment

    Common errors auto identification

    Expert analysis for complication problem

    Processional advice to service report

  • Wireless

    Mobile applications

    Real-time data on computer

    Real-time receiving alarm information

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Machine IoT solution Solution

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