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E-commerce logistics industry application Overview

In 2012, Amazon spent 775 million US dollars to acquire robot manufacturer KIVA Systems with the aim of automating warehouses and improving logistics efficiency.KIVA robots subvert the traditional model,By controlling the system to run the resource allocation algorithm. Mobilize the robot to achieve intelligent mode, Realize the unmanned operation of the warehouse logistics center and greatly improve the efficiency of the logistics center.

In China, JD, rookie, Yunda and other E-commerce and express delivery companies have invested heavily in the establishment of automated unmanned storage centers. Among them, Jingdong established the world's first unmanned warehouse in Jiading, Shanghai, With a total area of about 40,000 square meters, it is responsible for the logistics sorting and packaging of 200,000 single 3C electronic products and personal care products in East China.

Industry Challenge

In the past few years, the triumph of the Internet has led to the continuous development of the E-commerce industry. Many E-commerce companies have also experienced huge logistics pressure while harvesting massive orders.

Warehousing logistics in the E-commerce industry faces two major challenges: order processing is difficult and order response is time-sensitive.

Specifically, warehousing logistics in the E-commerce industry, order fulfillment efficiency is the key, Massive SKU requires high efficiency and low error rate, Therefore, its focus and difficulty is large-scale efficient and accurate zero-picking.

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Kinco E-commerce AGV motion control scheme ensures the smoothness and control accuracy of E-commerce AGV with compact size, superior performance and stable and reliable design.

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