Service robot industry application Overview

Service robots can be divided into professional field service robots and personal, home commercial service robots. Service robots can be widely used in catering, retail, medical and other fields.

The demand of service robots creates the market, and this demand comes from two major aspects. First one is the labor costs need for enterprises, and the second one is the proportion increasing of population aging. The continuous improvement of labor costs has begun to highlight the impact on medical, retail, catering, banking and other markets, so improving efficiency and saving costs become important factors in the development of service robots. In the future, with the further disappearance of the labor force dividend, the demand of robots for the industry will expand further. Therefore, the service robot industry must be the key development industry in future.

Industry Challenge

It can be learned from industry surveys that service robot products have been everywhere, but because most service robots have the sole function, the high cost and the lack of intelligence to meet the actual application requirements, some robot companies are still in the exploration stage, looking for the larger commercialized opportunities.

Our Values

Kinco is committed to providing a cost-effective motion chassis solution for the service robot industry, contributing to the development of the service robot industry.

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