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Industrail UAV


Industrial drone application Overview

Industrial drone, which is a highly efficient auxiliary way to replace original tool so as to provide service in daily work, is a kind of unmanned aircraft. In recent years, with gradual development of artificial intelligence technology, industry of drone rapidly develops. At the same time, applications of drone go deep into different areas. China become a significant market in drone applications, which includes agricultural plant & protection, power inspection, oil pipeline inspection, express, land mapping, meteorological detection, forest fire prevention and etc. With government good policy released, Chinese industrial drone market goes through a healthy development period. The application occasion continuously and demand goes up.

Industry Challenge

With time passed by, customer-level drone is gradually out of people’s version but industrial drone become new hot topic. The neck of drone technology includes life time, load weight, reliability, work radius, especially life time and load weight.

Our Values

1. FOC Power system of multiple rotors industrial drone has a high efficacy, which promotes life time of drone.

2. Currently, Kinco FOC power system of multiple rotors industrial drone load capacity up to 19kg with single axis, It is suitable for the mainstream multi-rotor models with a load of 10-30kg in the market.

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