Kinco’s Announcement on the launch of low-voltage products such as Magnetic absolute encoder & Ultra short motor & driver

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Dear customers,

Thank you for your continued interest in Kinco products.

With the diversification of market demand and the diversification and convenience of customer applications, Kinco has been committed to research and further improving the low-voltage product line. Now Kinco has launched a new series of ultra-short motor withmagnetic absolute encoder,FD164S high-power drivers, and 2.5KW high-power motor,etc..Welcome to buy!

一、Products description

1、Ultra-short series motor

The Ultra-short motor has redesigned the new structure, which is shorter than the G2 motor, but can withstand less radial force. It needs to be used with the gearbox when using it. The models are as follows:



SMC80S-0075-30WAK-5DCH, SMC80S-0075-30WBK-5DCH

SMC80S-0100-30WAK-5DCH, SMC80S-0100-30WBK-5DCH

2、Magnetic absolute encoder motor and driver

Compared with the generation one(G1) Nikon absolute encoder motor, the G2 series magnetic absolute encoder motor is shorter in length and more cost-effective. The models are as follows:

SMC40S-0005-30QAK-5DSU, SMC40S-0005-30QBK-5DSU

SMC40S-0010-30QAK-5DSU, SMC40S-0010-30QBK-5DSU

SMC60S-0020-30QAK-5DSU, SMC60S-0020-30QBK-5DSU

SMC60S-0040-30QAK-5DSU, SMC60S-0040-30QBK-5DSU

SMC60S-0060-30QAK-5DSU, SMC60S-0060-30QBK-5DSU

SMC80S-0075-30QAK-5DSU, SMC80S-0075-30QBK-5DSU


The driver models matched with the magnetic absolute encoder motor are as follows:

FD114S-CB-005 ,FD124S-CB-005 ,FD134S-CB-005 ,FD144S-CB-005

FD114S-EB-005 ,FD124S-EB-005 ,FD134S-EB-005 ,FD144S-EB-005

3、2.5kW high power motor and its driver


4、4、MD Series Prifinet、EtherCatproducts

The model list is as follows:

MD60-020-DMBK-EA-000DC24~70V INPUT,RS232+EtherCAT,Brake
MD60-020-DMAK-PA-000DC24~70V INPUT,RS232+Profinet
MD60-020-DMBK-PA-000DC24~70V INPUT,RS232+Profinet,Brake
MD60-040-DMBK-EA-000DC24~70V INPUT,RS232+EtherCAT,Brake
MD60-040-DMAK-PA-000DC24~70V INPUT,RS232+Profinet
MD60-040-DMBK-PA-000DC24~70V INPUT,RS232+Profinet,Brake
MD80-075-DMBK-EA-000DC24~70V INPUT,RS232+EtherCAT,Brake
MD80-075-DMAK-PA-000DC24~70V INPUT,RS232+Profinet
MD80-075-DMBK-PA-000DC24~70V INPUT,RS232+Profinet,Brake

5、Dedicated one-to-two drive for AGV

FD134S-CB-020-D2:DC24~70V INPUT,RS232+CAN+485, Can support to drive brake motor, 2 digital INPUT

6、80 Flange 1.2KW Motor(3.8Nm,2500P/R encoder)


二、Time to market

Kinco Kinco's low-voltage products such as Magnetic absolute encoder & Ultra short motor & driver will be officially launched on July 15, 2022.

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