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Service robot chassis

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Service Robot Chassis Overview

Kinco robot chassis, Use servo drive algorithm, make the chassis smoother and quieter. Professional mechanical and deceleration design, make the chassis properer andstructure more stable. Two motors coordinated motion control mode and open communication port make control more convenient. Structure and function can be customized, make the options multiple. The core components of Kinco robot chassis are independently developed and produced by Kinco, professional R&D team provides you with perfect technical service and high-quality after-sales guarantee, your own customized robot chassis optimizes your cost.

Service Robot Chassis Function



Max 2m/s

Load capacity:

Indoor 0-150kg, Outdoor 0-300kg

Climbing ability:


Smooth and precise:

No vibration, low noise, stable acceleration
and deceleration, small running error

Safe and reliable:

Install shock absorption suspension,
adapt to complex ground, vertical obstacle
crossing, horizontal obstacle crossing


Diversified chassis, professional
customization of function and structure

Service Robot Chassis Advantage

1. Product comprehensive performance is strong, stable and reliable, improve user experience.

2. Professional R & D team to provide you with customized services and reduce your costs.

3. In the basis of good cost performance, to create a highly competitive product.


Lobby reception, restaurant delivery, hotel service, scenic guide, hospital duty, community patrol, power grid patrol and other service robots.


Service robot chassis Solution

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