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  • DD2S Series Linear Driver
DD2S Series Linear Driver
Kinco Montion Control

Simple to use

Powerful performance

Highprecision with high speed

Low noise


Model: DD412S/422S/432S

Power supply voltage: Single phase/three phase 200~240VAC

■ Main features

1. Simple to use.

   • Special upper computer debugging software.

   • Deeply understand the usage habits of linear motor users, and based on this, upgrade the upper computer software, so that our debugging software is intuitive and easy to use.

2. Powerful performance.

   • Highly rigid and responsive.

   • Using direct drive, the electrical energy is directly converted into linear motion, which can provide several times the thrust of the screw system.

   • Highprecision with high speed.

   • Support up to 4MHz pulse input, control more fine, higher speed, higher precision.

   • Small running friction, low noise.

■ Applicable to Industry

   • Semiconductor production equipment: wafer detection and detection semiconductor solid crystal machine semiconductor gold wire welding machine integrated block detection and detection of high-speed pick and drop and transfer equipment.

   • Electronic production equipment: PCB board production equipment.

   • New energy industry: photovoltaic press lithium battery assembly line.

   • LCD/TFT production and testing platform.

   • Storage disk production equipment.

   • Optical device production equipment.

   • High-end medical equipment.

   • Precision nc machine tool.

   • Large format print scan and digital production.

   • Automated Assembly Equipment.

   • 3D printing equipment.

■ Driver Models and Specifications

SeriesModelPower supply voltageMax continuous
output current
Peak current
Control mode
DD2S seriesDD412S-AA-000AC220V310pulse

For more details, please download the catalog and manual.

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