• iWMC Integrated Servo Wheel
  • iWMC Integrated Servo Wheel
iWMC Integrated Servo Wheel

Driver, motor, reducer, and wheel integrated in a compact structure that facilitates vehicle downsizing;

Simple, convenient, and high accuracy rack mounting, improving controlling accuracy;

High reliability: Resistant to nickel-contacts and improves the stability and reliability of the entire system;

Compatible with other Kinco standard products, and they can be switched seamlessly;

A single supplier of integrated products is conducive to product maintenance and reduces supply chain and after-sales costs.

Product Information
Application Scenario

Special servo wheel module of mobile robots with loads below 600kg and 1ton

Product Parameters
iWMC Integrated Servo Wheel Model NumberiWMC10409-02222-A165-MDTiWMC10415-05417-A180-MDT
PowerPower Supply24VDC~60VDC
Logic Supply24VDC
Rated Linear Speed(m/s1.9
Rated Torque Tn(Nm)2154
Peak Torque Tn(Nm)6092
Tire Diameter(mm165180
Tire Width(mm39.550
Tire MaterialPolyurethane (optional)
Tire Hardness Rating85A
Energy Consumption BrakingExternal braking resistor is required (depending on the operating conditions, mainly used for rapid starting and stopping)
Energy Consumption Braking Voltage Absorption PointDC63V ± 2VDefault, settable
Overvoltage alarm pointDC68V ± 2V
Undervoltage alarm pointDC18V ± 2V
Input Specifications2 digital inputs / Common COMI terminal / High level: 12.5-30VDC / Low level: 0-5VDC / Maximum frequency: 1KHz / Input impedance: 5KΩ.
Output Specifications1 digital output common COMO terminal / Maximum output current: 100mA
BrakeBuilt-in brake and control circuit
Forced Unlock Interface1-way forced unlock interface, only for use when there is no power input to the servo wheel.
RS485 Debug PortMaximum support for 115.2Kbps baud rate
CAN BUSMaximum support for 1Mbps baud rate, CANopen protocol can be used to communicate with the controller
Drive CurrentMax. continuous output current(rms16A25A
Peak Current(PEAK)64Ap80AP(<2s)
MotorRated RPM nN(rpm)20002500
Rated Torque Tn(Nm)2.44
Brake Holding Torque T(Nm)4
Cooling MethodsNatural cooling & Body-assisted cooling
Operating EnvironmentOperating Temperature040°C
Storage Temperature -2060°C
Humidity (non-condensing)90%RH below
Protection LevelIP54
AltitudeThe rated working altitude is up to 1000m above sea level. For working altitudes above 1000m, a reduction of 1.5% is required for every 100 meters of rise in altitude, with a maximum working altitude of 4000 meters above sea level.
Atmospheric Pressure86kpa~106kpa
注: ■ = A : Without brake
              B : With brake  

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