Kinco DToolsPro: Join hands with Qt to create a new era of industrial touchscreen technologies

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Kinco DToolsPro x Qt, Creating A New Era of Industrial Touchscreen Technologies

In the wave of digitalization, touchscreen configuration software has become an important base for the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Efficient and easy-to-use configuration software is the key to improving development efficiency, reducing costs and increase efficiency, and contributing to customer success.

Kinco DToolsPro, a new generation of Kinco touchscreen configuration software, has obtained the official authorization of the Qt platform to further enhance the functions of Kinco configuration software, enrich the user interface, optimize the user experience, and help enterprise engineers quickly develop efficient solutions and greatly improve development efficiency.


Qt platform: a powerful backup force for industrial touchscreen software

Qt is a powerful cross-platform application framework that provides rich graphical interface components, efficient memory management, and flexible development tools to help developers build stable, efficient, and good-looking cross-platform applications.

HMI software developed based on the Qt platform has significant advantages:

1. Powerful cross-platform compatibility

Qt supports various operating systems, ensuring that HMI configuration software maintains excellent performance on different platforms.

2. Rich API and debugging tools

Qt provides a wealth of APIs and debugging tools to help developers quickly respond to needs and improve development efficiency.

3. Efficient memory management

The Qt platform has excellent memory management capabilities, ensuring that the HMI configuration software remains stable during operation.

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Kinco DToolsPro: the best choice for industrial touchscreen software

Kinco DToolsPro software, developed based on the Qt platform, not only inherits the advantages of the Qt platform, but also demonstrates excellent capability in industrial control.

1. Excellent operating experience

Kinco DToolsPro uses the graphical interface components of the Qt platform to provide users with an intuitive, good-looking, and easy-to-operate interface, improving the efficiency in configuration.


2.  Strong development process

Kinco DToolsPro uses the rich APIs and powerful debugging tools of the Qt platform to respond to market demands more quickly. Through optimizing and updating the functions continuously, it meets the changing needs of users and ensures the delivery of user projects on time.

3. Stable and secure

Kinco DToolsPro draws on the Qt platform's efficient memory management and stable performance to ensure efficient and stable software operation, guaranteeing production continuity and stability as well as user safety.


4. Flexibility and scalability

Kinco DToolsPro's modular design based on Qt makes it flexible and extensible. Users can customize and expand software functions according to their needs to better adapt to specific application scenarios.


5. Long-term technical support and updates

Qt is a mature, stable, and widely used platform, users can expect long-term technical support and updates from it. This ensures that Kinco DToolsPro always maintains the latest features and technologies, providing continuous value to users.

Looking forward to the future, we will work together to create a new era of industrial control

Kinco continues to promote close collaboration with its partners with an open attitude, bringing efficient and easy-to-use solutions to enterprises through Kinco DToolsPro configuration software, and jointly moving towards a new era of industrial control technology.

In the future, Kinco will continue to promote technological innovation and develop advanced products and software to meet customers' needs for digitalization, help customers thrive in the digital age, create a smarter, more efficient and sustainable industrial future, and make Chinese manufacturing the world's top manufacturing.

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