Kinco DTP: Remote Independent Desktop Function

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Traditional remote monitoring software such as VNC can be divided into two types of authority: monitoring and operating, and supports the connection of multiple clients in the same LAN. However, under monitoring authority, all users can see is the projection screen from the touch screen - screens from multiple clients are synchronized rather than independent.


Conversely, DTP View supports up to seven independent terminal connections, realizing independent operations and direct synchronization.


The brand-new independent desktop function is an intelligent solution designed for multiple people and workstations to work together independently, aiming to reduce maintenance costs and improve work efficiency.

Core advantages of independent desktop solutions


image.png Boosting debugging efficiency

Allows multiple users to operate one HMI at the same time to perform different tasks without waiting or conflicts, greatly reduces waiting time and improves the overall debugging efficiency;

image.png Increasing work flexibility

Allows users work in different locations and on different equipment based on their situations, which enhances work flexibility and brings great convenience to engineers in equipment debugging;

image.png Optimizing resources and improving security

By assigning different user administration of Working with the authorization management function, the independent desktop ensures that each user can only access and operate the screens and data at his responsibilities , achieving reasonable optimization of system resources and ensuring the security and integrity of remote operations.

Independent desktops support interlocking functions to prevent errors and failures caused by simultaneous operations or access to certain key resources, ensuring the consistency and security of production data.

Appliacation of independent desktop solution


Mobile Monitoring

Through the independent desktop, real-time monitoring and management of remote device HMI can be realized directly through mobile phones or tablets, reducing manual operation time and costs, and improving production efficiency and management efficiency;

Centralized Inspection

By remotely accessing each independent screen of the equipment, multiple people can conduct daily inspections at the same time, providing inspectors with information about each fault point and the content of each part, providing higher safety and efficiency for daily production;

Remote Debugging

By remotely accessing each independent screen of the target device, each developer can perform remote device debugging, configuration parameters, etc. at the same time, thereby conducting development a  nd debugging work more efficiently;

Emergency Response

When an emergency occurs in a workshop or production line, and immediate access to the equipment monitoring interface is required, a remote connection is the fastest solution. Besides, the independent operation feature of the screen allows each engineer to troubleshoot independently and locate faults quickly.

Future plans for remote operation and maintenance


Remote program update and maintenance

In the future, Kinco's new generation configuration software Kinco DToolsPro will be adapted to Kinco's remote operation and maintenance software EdgeAccess, enabling remote uploading and downloading, maintenance and updates, and an overview of the operation to further achieve standardized management.


Cross-regional collaboration

The hardware will support networking functions in the future, and the DTP View software will support remote operations in various regions across the country, reducing travel costs.

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