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2019 SPS IPC DRIVES|Keep ingeniously, Keep going

2019-12-02   Visit:621

2019 SPS IPC DRIVES is over

Look back on the past

This is the 12th time Kinco to participate in the SPS exhibition

Kinco from unfamiliar to becoming a acquaintance of SPS exhibition

Kinco has also become a trusted partner of lots of foreign customers


The contrast from 2017 to 2019 has flooded our screen recently

Evokes Kinco’s memories of 12-year journey of SPS

Let's take a look below

What changes or steadiness Kinco experienced in these two years?








A new generation of high-quality HMI

Combine with the latest technological achievements of the semiconductor industry

CPU platform can be used up to more than 10 years

Could realize information interaction between people, equipment and cloud



A new generation of free configuration software Kinco DTools could be used together,and realize remote cloud monitoring

The xF-SiHMI01 screen is separated from the host, and could adapt to a variety of display devices through the HDMI interface

Also configure high-resolution output (1920 * 1080 @ 60HZ) which is a high capacity, low price and large capacity HMI



Motion Control



A new generation economical low-voltage DC servo driver

Using the new small-Size terminal design, reduces volume by 50%

Power range cross from 50W to 1.5kW

3 times(for maximum) overload design, increase response speed when AGV start/stops






A new generation of Codesys platform PLC

Support EtherCAT communication control, CAN bus interface, ect

Powerful motion control functions, such as interpolation, electronic cam and other functions





Improved stability and reliability, higher cost performance

High Performance Vector VFD, stronger motor adaptability

Power range from 400W to 1000kW and could be customized

Support functions such as high frequency, automatic fast current limit and company backstage monitoring software





Same as 2017

Kinco's booth continued to grow

And as the only Chinese exhibitor in Hall 4 in the 2019 SPS exhibition

Kinco became the most prominent exhibitor in Hall 4

Won the favor of nearly a thousand foreign exhibitors





At the end of 2019

Kinco made many new friends from all over the world

They are very interested in Kinco's HMI, low-voltage servo systems and other products

And gave high recognition



Time goes by

2020 is already here

Kinco will always keep going at ours own pace

Responding to the changing times with the same original intention

Make the best product by heart

Let Made in China represented by Kinco go abroad

Become the world's TOP manufacturer

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