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To: our respected customer:

       As the breakup of Corona virus in China since January, 2020.Most of our suppliers are not permitted to open and our production line have not recovered normally yet. So the leading time and delivery date of all the orders will be a little delayed. We are very sorry about that. But we have been doing our best to produce all the orders to meet our customer’s demand  in advance.If you have urgent orders, please tell us in advance, we will deal with them firstly according to our stock of materials and production capacity.

 Our government is taking all cautions to control the virus, and the affection numbers are decreasing sharply,Things are getting better and better, and our production capacity is recovering.

 Thanks for all our respected customers for understanding and support during this special period. Your support and understanding is essential for our company and our country. Our Kinco will try our best to provide the best service and products to you as usual.

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