KS Series PLC
Kinco Small integrated PLC

The continuation of the K5, K2 series features rich high-performance high reliability.

Higher performance CPU.

Provide ontology CAN bus interface, high - performance high - speed.

Thin plate compact design, metal body.

KS Series

KS Series Overview

Product introduction

KS Series PLC

Kinco KS Series PLC is a small integrated PLC, is the company launched high-performance wafer products.

KS Series PLC in the continuation of the K5, K2 series of rich functions, high performance and high reliability of the premise, the use of higher performance CPU. It also provides functions closer to users' needs, such as built-in CAN bus interface, high performance high-speed input and output, compact installation, and rich extension modules. It CAN also meet the needs of users in various applications.

KS Features

Significant savings in installation space:

Thin plate compact design, thickness less than 25mm, can be installed in a small electrical cabinet.

Higher computing speed:

Adopt new MCU platform, 1000 bit instruction scan cycle is 0.25ms, can reach the same kind of small PLC first-class level.

Built-in CANopen interface:

KS105C1 and KS105C2 built-in CAN interface, which supports CANopen master station and slave station and CAN free protocol. With convenient motion control instruction library, it provides more cost-effective choice for multi-axis application occasions.

4-channel high-speed pulse counter:

Provide 4-channel high speed pulse counter with maximum counting frequency of 200K. Each high-speed counter allows up to 32 PV values to be configured and supports 32 CV=PV interrupts. High-speed counter support a variety of modes, can be carried out single phase, double phase (Up/Down), AB phase (1 times frequency and 4 times frequency) count. Users can use the HSC configuration wizard in the programming software to configure visually.

4-channel high-speed pulse output:

Provide 4-channel high-speed pulse output, both support PTO (pulse train) and PWM (pulse width modulation) mode output. Three of channels output frequency up to 200 KHz (load resistance is not greater than 1.5 K Ω), the other one output frequency is 10KHz;The software provides PLS (PWM or PTO) positioning control instruction group PFLO_F (follow instruction) and so on, which facilitates the user to realize simple motion control application.

Serial ports of communication:

Provide 1 RS232 and 1 RS485 Serial ports, Named PORT0 and PORT1 respectively, the highest communication baud rate is 115.2Kbps;PORT0 can be used as a programming port, and also supports Modbus RTU slave station protocol and free communication. PORT1 can be used as both programming port and Modbus RTU master station slave station protocol and free communication.

Extension modules are available as Modbus slaves:

The RS485 interface of the extended module can be used as a Modbus slave station to provide more cost-effective solutions for more applications.

KS Series Model Specification

Model Specification

CPU module
ModelOrder numberSpecification
Supply voltageDIDOExtension moduleHigh speed inputHigh speed outputCOM portDimension
KS101KS101M-04DXDC 24V4NoneUp to 142*up to 200KHz
Single phase and AB phase



1*RS485 up to 115.2kbps
KS105KS105-16DT88*transistor4*up to 200KHz
Single phase and AB phase
3*up to 200KHz
1*up to 10KHz
1*RS485 up to 115.2kbps
1*RS485 up to 115.2kbps
KS105C2-16DTUp to 142*CAN
1*RS485 up to 115.2kbps

KS Series Extension module
ModelOrder numberSpecification
DIDOAIAOCOM portDimension
KS121KS121-16DXDC 24V16None1*RS485,
able be a slave station
KS131KS131-04RD4-channel thermal resistance input, two or three wire system, PT100, PT1000, Cu50, R.

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