• KW Series PLC
  • KW Series PLC
  • KW Series PLC
KW Series PLC
Kinco Small integrated PLC

The continuation of the K5, K2 series features rich high-performance high reliability.

Higher performance CPU.

Built-in CAN bus interface, Micro USB programming.

Mini size, metal shell.

KW Series

KW Series Overview

Product introduction

KW Series PLC

Kinco KW series PLC is a kind of Small integrated PLC, wireless products for intelligent manufacturing.

KW Series PLC in the continuation of the K5, K2 series of rich functions, high performance and high reliability of the premise, the use of higher performance CPU. It also provides functions closer to users' needs, such as built-in Ethernet interface, MicroUSB,high performance high-speed input and output, compact installation, and rich extension modules. It CAN also meet the needs of users in various applications.

KW Series Model Specification

Model Specification

ModelOrder numberSpecification
DC 24VDIDIOHigh speed inputHigh speed outputCOM portWireless networkExtension moduleDimension
KWKW103-12DT-LoRa844*up to 200KHz
Single phase and AB phase
2 *up to 200KHz1*CAN
1*RS485 up to 115.2kbps
LoRa comunicationUp to 12100*84.5*25.4

ModelOrder numberSpecification
DC 24VParameter settingCOM portWireless networkDimension
KWKW143-R1-V000MicroUSB1*RS485 and RS232
(choose one at working)
LoRa comunication66*65*23

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