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Launch notice of new HMI products of Kinco FUTURE series

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Dear customers:

Thank you very much for your support. The MT5000 series of Buke's high-end HMI human-machine interface products have been on the market for more than ten years, widely used in the high-end equipment industry, and widely praised by users. According to the latest technology research and development, the next generation of future oriented high-end HMI products, future series, have surpassed the MT5000 Series in all indicators. 

Through early market verification and full preparation, the FUTURE series of high-end HMI human-machine interface is now fully listed. The release models are 8-inch F080E, 10.4-inch F104E and F104E-CAN, welcome to purchase.

1、 Product description

Future series HMI is equipped with high-speed 1GHz arm cortex-a9 industrial level processor, instruction cycle is upgraded again, 512MB DDR3 large capacity memory space, data processing speed is improved again, up to 4GB EMMC The unique built-in ferroelectric memory makes it possible to write important data frequently without losing or reducing the frequency. It takes the lead in supporting webcam to lead the video monitoring of industrial equipment, and standard audio output makes the human-computer operation no longer monotonous. High resolution industrial original liquid crystal not only brings perfect visual feeling, but also guarantees long life and long life cycle. Industrial design, wide temperature support, and rich Internet of things functions as standard. All of these are customized for high-end equipment.

HMI, 触摸屏HMI, 工控触摸屏

2、 Electrical specifications and parameters

Please refer to the leaflet page for details.

3、 Time to market

F080E, F104E and F104E-CAN HMI will be officially launched on March 16, 2020. At that time, you can go to each dealer for inquiry, or directly contact our sales personnel, and accept the order from now on.

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March 10, 2020

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